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Tesla Cyber Rodeo Giga Factory Austin Event Summary and Livestream

By Moneypig Trading Inc. on April 7, 2022

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0. Tesla Giga Texas Event Summary:

0.a. The 2022 goal is to scale & the 2023 goal will have a series of new product release

0.b. GigaTexas will build 0.5M ModelY in 2022 & is the largest human factory by volume

0.c. The goal is to take 20% of the worldwide auto market share (16M~20M/year) from the current 1% of the worldwide auto market share

0.d. Cybertruck production will start in 2023

0.e. Tesla Semi production will start in 2023

0.f. Tesla Roadster production will start in 2023

0.g. Tesla Bot Optimus v1 production will (hopefully) start in 2023

0.h. Tesla Robotic Taxi coming soon (No detailed timeline)

0.i. The new version of Cybertruck has no car handle! The car will detect you and open the door itself

0.j. What do you think $ the TSLA stock price action will be? Come to our Twitter to vote!

Come to our Twitter to vote!

A. Live Stream

Tesla Cyber Rodeo and Giga Factory Austin Event Livestream: 9 pm EST, 04/07/2022

B. Latest Update:

1. Tesla Red Roadster!

2. Tesla Semi Spotted & CyberTruck Spotted!

$PEP CEO said he is expecting #tesla semi delivery in 2022. Maybe Elon Musk will give some updates. Any Cybertruck production update or Model Y production rate will be a major catalyst too

3. What might be the update at Giga Texas?

4. The previous Tesla blog post:

How Does a Tesla Options Trading Return +1300% Gain in a Week? Tesla 22Q1 Delivery Numbers Should be here) and our youtube video (TSLA +1000% Swingtrading Review & Tesla 22Q1 Delivery Forecast) here

5. Texas Flag lol

6. Dogecoin! DogeArmy!

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