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How to sign up/cancel Moneypig Trading Discord alerts?

Step 1:

Please visit home page, scroll down to see the details for reach service.

Then click on the red button for the service you would like to subscribe​



If you would like to see our strategies and awesome performance in detail, please click on "Strategies & records".














Step 2:

Any of the red buttons will lead you to our legal terms page. Please review them and if you agree with all the terms, please click on the "I agree" button. It will bring you to our payment partner LaunchPass's webpage. If you don't agree with the terms, please click on the "I disagree" button, and it will bring you back to our home page.



Step 3:

In the Launchpass payment page, you can choose whether you will join the monthly or yearly plan by toggling the "monthly" or "yearly" button.










Step 4:​

Once you sign up, LaunchPass will send you an email to the provided email address about how to get access to our live Discord channel(s). Please follow the steps in the email







A lot of people cannot find the "LaunchPass BOT" in Discord. It is on the right side like below


Step 5:

Once you have accessed our Moneypig Trading Discord channels, you will see several channels on the left. Here is an example of a member who purchases our day trading service. Please make sure you read the welcome-and-rules channel as there are a lot of useful tips and information!







Common Question:

1. Discord Invite Expired 

After you click on "Accept your Discord Invite here:" in the LaunchPass welcome email, the Discord link returns "Invite Expired" as shown below. 








If this happens, please click on "4. If you lose access, click on "Generate a New Invite" in the LaunchPass email. This should generate a new and valid Discord link.











If you still have issues after this step, please contact LaunchPass at and cc We will investigate the problem together with Launchpass.

2. How can I cancel the subscription?

If you have joined in the Discord channel, please type "Cancel" in the LaunchPass Bot to cancel the subscription. Or you can contact moneypig in Discord directly for cancellation. If you are still within the seven-day trial period, the cancellation will result in no charge. If you have paid the fees, a cancellation will result in no refunds. 


3. How can I switch the subscription tier with an existing membership?  (Updated on March 6th, 2021)

Thank you for your support first of all!  Sadly our existing partner Launchpass doesn't support membership tier transition yet. They plan to launch a new product to resolve this issue. 

if you would like to switch into a different tier, the only way is to cancel the existing membership and re-joining into the new tier. Also please contact Moneypig on Discord for more details. 

4. How can I update/ change my payment method?

In Discord, go to "Direct Message" and choose "LaunchPass"

Type "update" to the "LaunchPass" bot and LaunchPass will offer you a link to update your billing

signup_step4_launchpass_email no_issues.
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