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Long term investment

Long-term investment is a strategy focusing on capturing at least a few months or a few years of price actions. The key distinguishes between swing trading and long-term investment: 


(1) a swing trading position contains a shorter time frame than a long-term investment position


(2) long-term investment is mostly stocks, warrants, and mutual funds. 


(3) long-term investment is more conservative than other shorter-term trading techniques


Since we budget even more time on long-term investment than swing trading, it is often less risky than swing trading and requires less closely monitoring than other trading positions. Therefore, it is a suitable investment method for retirement accounts like 401K, 403b, Roth IRA, IRA, HSA, 529.


Long-term investment relies mostly on fundamental analysis, and often technical charts, news, and volume flows can help us decide when we should add more positions. 


There are several risks long-term investment contain:


1. A market reversal risks


2. The company we are trading/ holding has unfavorable fundamental changes or news


Moneypig Trading provides excellent track records on long-term investment. 

(1) Benchmarking Account

In 11/05/2022, we started a real-money 'benchmarking account' with $69,534.78.

As of 08/08/2023, the account ends with $95,822.00

Year-to-date (YTD)  performance +40.9%

Outperforms $QQQ YTD +40.40%


Outperforms  $SPY YTD +17.76%




(2) Twitter Live Trading Period

Between the May 11, 2020~Dec 31, 2021 Twitter live trading period: 

Moneypig sent out 15 investment alerts, resulting in 15 wins, which equals a 100% winning rate! 


Each trade has an average 20.01% of the return!


The details of the 2020 alerts are available below.

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