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California Privacy Addendum

Last modified: 09-29-2020


This California Privacy Addendum, including any future modifications (this "Addendum"), is part of the Company's Privacy Policy and applies to any "personal information" (as defined under the California Consumer Privacy Act; the "CCPA") that we may "collect" (as defined under CCPA) from a California "consumer" (as defined under CCPA) through their use of the Services.  If you are a California consumer, the purpose of this Addendum is to describe: 1) your rights under California law; 2) how you may make a request for those rights to be enforced; 3) the categories of personal information that may have been "sold" (as defined under CCPA) by the Company in the preceding twelve (12) months; 4) the categories of personal information that may have been disclosed by the Company for "business purposes" (as defined under CCPA) by the Company in the preceding twelve (12) months; and 5) your rights pursuant to California "Shine the Light" law.



At your request, we will provide a report regarding the information we have collected, used, disclosed and/or sold to others in the prior 12 months about you which will cover:

  • The categories of personal information collected about you;

  • The specific pieces of personal information we have about you;

  • Categories of sources from which personal information is collected;

  • Our purpose for collecting or sharing personal information;

  • Identification and categories of third-parties with whom we share your personal information.

Upon receipt of a Verified Request, we will initiate the process of gathering such personal information to provide to you.

Please see the section below entitled “HOW TO EXERCISE RIGHTS UNDER THE CCPA” for instructions on how to submit a request to exercise any of your rights. Once the request is verified as described below, it will be considered a “Verified Request” for purposes of this notice.



We may collect one or more of the types of information about you based on information you provided to us:

  • Personally identifiable data and information about you, such as your name, physical and/or electronic mail address, telephone, or mobile numbers, and other data or information that can be used to specifically identify you (all such personal data and information is collectively referred to herein as, “Personal Information”); and

  • Non-personally identifiable information about you, such demographic information, location, age, gender, and data on your use of the Website and other online activity (“Non-Personally Identifiable Information”).



While we do not sell our client’s personal information to others, you have the right to direct businesses that do sell your personal information to stop selling your personal information and to refrain from doing so in the future.



You can request that we delete personal information we have collected and maintains about you. In order to request that we delete such information, you need to follow the instructions provided below for submitting a Verifiable Request to delete your personal information. Upon receipt of a Verifiable Request, and so long as we have no right or obligation to keep your personal information despite your right to request deletion, we are required by law to have you confirm your previously submitted Verifiable Request to delete your information. Once you provide that confirmation, we will start the process of deleting your personal information, and we will also instruct all of our service providers that maintain your personal information on our behalf to also delete your personal information from their records.



Under CCPA, the Company is prohibited from discriminating against data subjects that exercise their data subject rights.  The Company cannot deny data subjects goods or services, charge data subjects different prices or rates (or otherwise impose a penalty), or provide data subjects a different quality or level of goods or services if a data subject requests to enforce their rights.



If you wish to exercise available rights detailed above, please contact us by  If we receive a request from you, the Company may take reasonable steps to confirm your identity.  The Company will not give effect to data subject rights unless the Company can verify that the request is a "Verified Request" (as defined under CCPA).  You may submit a Data Subject Request by employing an authorized agent to submit a request on your behalf.  To do this, you must provide an authorized agent with written permission to submit a request.  If the Company does not receive proof from an authorized agent that you have given them permission to submit a Data Subject Request on your behalf, the Company will deny the request.

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