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Options Trading Basic Tutorials

Youtube Playlist for all the following videos

1. What are call options? Amazon +1000% Swing Trading Example

1.a. How to Buy Stocks and Options in ThinkorSwim

2. What are put options?  Hedge your crypto or stocks. Snowflake +328% Trade as Example

3. Sell call, puts options: unlimited risk

4. What is vertical spread? A Profitable Strategy with Defined Risk

4.a. When to Use Vertical Debit Spread?

5. What is butterfly spread?

5.a. How to Buy Vertical Spread Butterfly Spread in TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim

6. What is iron condor spread?

7. Covered calls: steady income generation

8. What is time decay?

9. What are the options Greek letters?

10. What is implied volatility?

11. Why Options open interests & volumes matter?

12. How to calculate the options price?

13. What is gamma squeeze?

14. Why you should ALWAYS set a stop loss for options trading?

15. Why you should be careful of the settlement & expiration date?

16. What if you accidentally exercise your options?

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