Options Trading Basic Tutorials


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1. What are call options? Amazon +1000% Swing Trading Example


1.a. How to Buy Stocks and Options in ThinkorSwim


2. What are put options?  Hedge your crypto or stocks. Snowflake +328% Trade as Example


3. Sell call, puts options: unlimited risk


4. What is vertical spread? A Profitable Strategy with Defined Risk


4.a. When to Use Vertical Debit Spread? 


5. What is butterfly spread?

  Coming in the 07/31/2021 weekend

5.a. How to Buy Vertical Spread Butterfly Spread in TD Ameritrade ThinkorSwim 


6. What is iron condor spread?

  Coming in the 07/31/2021~08/07/2021 weekends

7. Covered calls: steady income generation

  Coming in the 07/31/2021~08/21/2021 weekends

8. What is time decay?

  Coming in the 07/31/2021~08/28/2021 weekends

9. What are the options Greek letters?

  Coming in the 07/31/2021~08/28/2021 weekends

10. What is implied volatility?

11. Why Options open interests & volumes matter?

12. How to calculate the options price?

13. What is gamma squeeze?

14. Why you should ALWAYS set a stop loss for options trading?

15. Why you should be careful of the settlement & expiration date?

16. What if you accidentally exercise your options?