1. How can I trade?


1.a. Any basic tutorial about how to trade stock?


More coming soon at the end of 2021

1.b. Any basic tutorial about how to trade options?




2. Trading strategy question:


2.a. What are Moneypig Trading strategy and performance?

Please see the "Strategies & Performance" section


2.b. I see MoneyPig Trading mostly alerts "naked" calls and puts options on twitter. Is there any alert/ trade that involves more advanced options strategies like iron condor?


The reason for mostly alerting more straightforward naked call and put options is because (1) it is more comfortable for the audiences to understand (2) a lot of our trades are momentum trading. For momentum trading, the price can go up +100% within a minute. We don't really have enough time to compose a more sophisticated options trading strategy like the iron condor, reverse iron condor, etc. However, occasionally there will be a more sophisticated options trading alert like butterfly, iron condor, reverse iron condor, etc.


2.c. Is there any future trading alert?


Future trading is associated with a higher risk than options trading. Moneypig Trading does have solid knowledge in futures trading such as E-mini S&P500 index ($ES) and natural gas ($NG) but currently doesn't provide future trading alerts. However, a futures trading alert service might be available in 2021. 


2.d. Is there any fixed-income trading alert?


Yes and no. Moneypig Trading doesn't frequently provide fixed-income trading alerts. However, a few times in a year, there might be some bond ETFs options or long ETF trading alerts such as $TLT. 


2.e. Is there any Forex trading alert?


Not currently


3. Pricing question:


3.a. What are the costs behind the Moneypig Trading alerts and education services that justify the membership fees?


There are various costs behind the scenes such as employee salary, contractor fees, data subscription costs, and many other business operation costs. Note that Moneypig Trading is spending 5 digits USD per year on various data sources to enable such a high trading winning rate. These numbers are likely to increase instead of decreasing each year.  

3.b. Do you accept Paypal? 

Currently, our payment partner Launchpass only accepts card payment via Stripe.  So sadly Paypal doesn't work for now. 


4. Partnership question:


4.a. How can we form a partnership with Moneypig Trading Inc? 


This is exciting, and thanks for your support! Please contact Moneypig Trading at info@moneypigtrading.com with your name, company name, proposal, contact information, and an email title starting with "Partnership requests". We will review and get back to you!


5. Career question:


5.a. Is Moneypig Trading hiring? 


We sincerely thank you for your interest! Please see our career page for more information!