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Want to spend your cryptocurrency in your daily lives? Our partner Piggy.Cards is your best choice. Piggy.Cards offer 300+ brands of e-gift cards with generous cashback. The best part is that Piggy.Cards accept 20+ cryptocurrencies,  Zelle Pay (US), and e-Transfer (Canada). Please use the link below to sign up and enjoy up to 18.5% cashback on the first ten purchases.

2. HFIR Weather


Want to trade Natural Gas? If yes, the Henry Hub natural gas price in the wintertime is 100% weather forecast driven! So having a professional and trading-oriented weather service is very essential! The following vendor provides decent ECMWF weather data and analysis and Moneypig use their service on the daily basis. Use the link below and you will get 20% off!

3. FlowAlgo:

Looking to track options flow in real-time? Flowalgo has a fantastic user interface and Moneypig uses FlowAlgo on the daily basis.

Using the promo link below for an awesome discount: $25 for the 25 days trial

4. TradeXchange


Are you looking for affordable real-time trading news with audio and text announcements? Want to get the real-time news to get day trading opportunities such as $TIF +186% in the week of Oct 26, 2020 like Moneypig did? TradeXchange is your answer! Use the promo code



to get a special discount of $25 for their first-month service at

5. CoinConsume

Check out CoinConsume where to spend your crypto at ! CoinConsume is a well-organized website to list many merchants that accept which types of cryptocurrencies!

6. Crypto-Comparator

Compare your favorite cryptocurrencies prices, exchanges and more in just a few clicks and for free at Crypto-Comparator aggregate the most important data in real-time to give you the best precision!

7. ClankApp

Explore through 24 blockchains like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Dogecoin (DOGE) the crypto whales in real time and stay alerted about biggest financial movements of your favorite blockchains at

PiggyCards_logo (5).jpg
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