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Income Generation

We use low risks options strategies called “in-the-money vertical spreads” and “butterfly spreads” to focus on low volatility assets (stocks and crypto) and generate steady incomes most weeks throughout a year. These two options strategies often max out their profits when the underlying assets stay in a certain range.  The details are explained in our Youtube videos:


Vertical Spreads

Butterfly Spreads 

Some examples:


Our algo detects that $KO is in the sideway consolidation between 08/02/2021 ~08/13/2021


We therefore entered $KO 08/13/2021 55-56.5-58c butterfly spread at $0.8/con on 08/06/2021.


$KO was traded at on 08/13/2021 and we closed our $KO 08/13/2021 55-56.5-58 butterfly spread at $1.18/con, +47.5% return.


The butterfly strategy can provide stable incomes and doesn’t require a lot of attention. Therefore it is also called “vacation trade”.

Some examples and returns: $COST +23% in a week. +$1,940 return

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