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Tesla 22Q4 Earnings Review Why does Tesla rally 75% in the first 3 weeks of 2023?

Written by Moneypig Trading Inc.

The CFO said in the earnings call that the 2023 Average Sales Price will be $47K & Tesla can maintain 20% or above gross margins, which is higher than a lot of bearish expectations

between 15~20% gross margins in 2023

Also explained in our Youtube video:

If we look at the margins of all other EV players like $GM & $F, we can see why investors give Tesla a massive market cap here.

There are some major risks that we didn't get clear answers in the 22Q4 earnings call:

1. If Elon Musk can focus on Tesla will be the key to watching for Tesla stocks.

2. When can CyberTruck reach its massive production?

3. Can Tesla push a cheaper EV model production early to compete with $BYD?

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