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Netflix 23Q1 earnings preview from Moneypig Trading

Lots of $NFLX upgrades before the earnings, and the expectation is high on $NFLX

Subscriber numbers have always been the key. A slightly better-than-expected number can move the stock, like in 22Q4 earnings.

However, since they will stop providing subscriber growth guidance starting this quarter, the other key thing for Netflix to watch is the financial estimate & ads outlook guidance.

We also made a youtube video to provide more context.

Paid Members

23Q1 Expectation: 227.69M

23Q1 Guidance: 227.6M

Paid Net Adds

23Q1 Expectation: 4.57M

23Q1 Guidance: 4.5M


23Q1 Expectation: $0.54

23Q1 Guidance:$0.36


23Q1 Expectation: $7.85bn

23Q1 Guidance: $7.78bn


We currently are holding $NFLX stocks & long call options

Not Financial Advisors

Please invest at your own risks

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